About Us

Who Are We?

WeatherNode is a subsidiary of DigitalPath, Inc. - an innovative company that creates technology, builds wireless radio equipment, and operates a large microwave and fiber communications network in Northern and Central California. In addition to providing communications solutions for residential, business, cell carriers and government agencies, they are also an active partner with AlertCalifornia and they operate the AlertWest software platform.

Experience At Work

To take the WeatherNode idea and turn it into a patented product, our team leveraged our parent company's ~20 years of telecommunications resources and expertise. The Research and Development team designed a circuit board and modified DigitalPath’s existing patented wireless device software to accommodate sensor data and RF transmissions between nodes. In conjunction with the R&D team, the manufacturing team designed prototype devices and built them in their Chico manufacturing facility. The final WeatherNode product has been FCC certified and installed at several locations in their network by the existing field team to validate proper functionality of the new device.

Our Product

The result is a patented micro weather station that collects wind speed, direction, humidity, and temperature several times per second. In addition to weather data collection, WeatherNodes also contain an accelerometer to measure pole movement. WeatherNodes can be mounted virtually anywhere on utility poles every ¼ to ½ mile to collect weather data where it matters most. The device is flexible for different types of sensors and can operate completely off grid without having to rely on any traditional network infrastructure. This ensures continued functionality even when the grid is down.